If you are reading this it means that you are alive and I’m sure that you can agree that sometimes life is a fight. Maybe it’s a struggle to get out of bed in the morning. Perhaps you have relationships that require more work than they are worth (don’t continue to do this.) Maybe there are more bills than there is money (that one always strikes a chord.) Whatever the struggle is, we’ve all got them. This is nothing new and it didn’t just start for me since Gershon died. If you are like me, staying as positive as possible is necessary. There seems to be this opposing force of negativity every single time, though. It gets frustrating and disheartening. I often would rather quit than to deal with the non-stop challenges and opposition. Ugh! the struggle…

1 Peter 4:12-13 Beloved, think it not strange concerning the fiery trial which is to try you, as though some strange thing happened unto you: But rejoice, inasmuch as ye are partakers of Christ’s sufferings; that, when his glory shall be revealed, ye may be glad also with exceeding joy.

Newton’s third law states that with every action comes reaction. This means that there is nothing that you will put out in the atmosphere that won’t come with some sort of counteraction. Even if you make up your mind the night before that tomorrow will be awesome, getting out of bed the next morning may still prove difficult. I challenge you to push forward anyway. Whichever you choose to put out there, good or bad, be ready to face some backlash. This is especially true when God has placed you on assignment or it is your aim to be optimistic. In the spiritual, there are enemies that don’t want the kingdom of God to prevail (remember that they have already lost the fight, though.)  The opposition that comes is sure to knock you off your game, if you’re not careful. Be assured that the opposing forces will come. There are no ifs about this. Just equip yourself and be ready WHEN they do.

I think I’ve stated before (maybe) that I started this blog as a forum of sorts so us broken people can begin healing. What I’ve gone through is helping to develop my testimony so that I may be able to help somebody else. I don’t know who you are, but you aren’t alone. God placed on my heart a while ago that I needed to do this. I had no idea what I would blog on. I’m not passionate about much and there are enough hair care bloggers out there. Then my dear Gershon passed away and I knew. It was too painful to keep it in. It just didn’t make sense. Why me? Well…why NOT me? Why do I think that I am so special that I am exempt from going through losing my spouse? Just like opposition, this is life and things happen. To answer the question: I have to go through this to let you know that you can get through difficult times, too. We CAN and will get through this 😊

Anyway, I launched my first blog post exactly 100 days after Gershon’s date of death (it will be the last time I celebrate anything pertaining to his death, by the way. From now on I will only celebrate his life. I stole that idea from Trayvon Martin’s parents.) On the day that the site launched, I began receiving text messages early that morning. My name had been connected to something that I did not approve. I have no doubt that the text messages were sent out of concern. Those messages caused a bit of anxiety for me, however. In retrospect, the problem really wasn’t a problem at all. I was super flustered for no reason, the issue didn’t even concern me enough to be upset by it. The matter threw me off, though. I was so excited and focused about the blog. I was so ready to sow into others lives and here comes the enemy to knock me off course. What in the heck? It took me all day to get over it and to realize that this opposition (like any other challenge) was no coincidence. I’ve learned that the adversary will do ANYTHING to get you out of God’s Will. My pastor says, “it doesn’t matter how the devil gets you, just as long as he gets you.” Anyway, here I am, centered and refocused and ready to give you guys something to chew on.

Romans 7:21 I find then a law, that, when I would do good, evil is present with me.

See, I’ve learned that there is a lesson in everything and I got a couple lessons on that day from that situation. The first thing is, the enemy will reveal himself, you don’t have to do it. This takes no energy on your behalf. All you have to do is sit back, wait and watch. I said some things that I will have to apologize for out of anger. As always, I felt the need to take care of it myself. That was so unnecessary. Thank goodness I serve a merciful God. He forgave me. Secondly, I learned that there are no coincidences in God. The challenges that we face are sent as a part of a mission. They are to eventually destroy us. A little bit of negativity is a seed that can take root. It can take our peace of mind, cause depression, steal joy or whatever. We have to be careful not to allow the small things to take over. Can you think of some times when the problem wasn’t that big of a deal, but you magnified it? 

From here on out, I want us to vow to find the lesson in our opposition. Let’s vow to be ready for the fight before it even starts. We should be prepared to bring those issues to God in prayer. He is the one that will fight our battles for us, but as He fights we have to be sure not to give up  on Him. It should be understood  without a shadow of a doubt that when we are attacked with negativity that is confirmation that we must be doing something correctly.

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5 thoughts on “Confirmation through Opposition”

  1. I feel like I’m in the middle of some series, everyday waiting for the next episode. Everything you post express the deep sentiments of my heart. When I am in a situation or place where it is hard to be positive and optimistic, I am reminded of the scripture talking about being in “this world” but not “of the world”. Being “of” something means that you belong to it, you tend to show characteristics of that particular place. I try to display characteristics of our King ( literally WWJD) when put in uncomfortable situations because I belong to Jesus and I must display Him well. What ever I’m dealing WILL pass. I don’t belong to it I’m just there for the mission. 😊 Bless you!

  2. Another thing I’ve learned?…when you are walking with Jesus, He rarely shows us the next step. If we knew the next step, our plans may get in the way of His Will. The cool thing is we don’t have to know. When was the last time the Lord let you down? He has NEVER let me down and that is the reason why I know I have no other choice but to trust Him…even through this.

  3. I lost my husband of 39 years this August. We held his memorial service on my 60 birthday. I miss him everyday. I know Jesus as my savior, without Him I would not be able to carry on. What you said about opposition is happening to me in several areas of my life. It takes faith to have joy. I know my savior will never leave me nor not have a way of escape. Knowing that others are feeling the deep pain of loss does help, it also makes me aware of how many people walk through life without hope, or joy, or peace because they don’t know Jesus.

  4. Hi Sherry, I am so sorry to hear about your loss. How are you coping? You were married a very long time. I can’t imagine doing this without Jesus. It’s hard enough with Him. I know for certain that the Jo of the Lord is my strength.

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